Articula Mk.2 Gear

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Articula Mk.2 Gear

Postby Alexial » Sat Jan 12, 2019 4:02 pm

I built gear for my newest frame, and this forum needs more attention.

ImageArticula Mk.2 Arsenal by Alexial1, on Flickr

Top left corner: spotting gear. Single antenna ( d6Y ) and comms array ( d6Y d6Y ).
Bottom left corner: weapons. Two uzi-style guns ( d6Rd d6Rd each), two RPGs ( d6Ra d6Ra each), and two swords ( d6Rh d6Rh each).
Bottom right corner: shields. The left one is upside down in this picture, but it's designed to be stabilized on the ground. It gets d6B d6B and the other shield gets d6B .
Top right corner: movement systems. They connect to a peg in the back of the frame, and act as jetpacks. Each one gets d6G .

Top middle: not systems. Their purpose is to add more systems onto a loadout. Since each Articula only has two hands and a backpack connection, these are very useful for getting to four systems.
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