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Re: SandRippers

Postby KungFujiApple » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:03 pm

Yey! Another post :D I enjoy reading each addition so much I kinda feel like a kid waiting for his favorite new comic to be in stock.... Kid or adult, *ahem*. Anyways, great job, you really expanded on the storyline well, not only is it well written but it makes sense and fits within the universe so well.

The builds look really nice, almost too nice to sell ;) For the Sandbox, the trigun barrel, angled legs, and solid cockpit make this frame one little gem of a build. However, don't sleep on the Sandstorm. Love that walker look, the legs alone are nothing short of spectacular, love the use of parts.

In short, great builds, great story, great job :)
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Re: SandRippers

Postby Artasid » Sat Jun 09, 2018 2:37 pm


The Grand Dustashim stood on one of the many balcony's from his villa. He stared in silent somber at the city that was his native home. It was called Grainsville, and though it was a silly name, Dustashim took pride in it. He recalled when he earned his mortal-deity status, the populous had requested to rename the city 'Grand Dustashi" in his honor, but he denied it. When settlers started in this location, before it became the shining jewel of D'Rav, it was nothing more than a few leather tents huddled around a tiny wellspring. Now, generations later, instead of tents, there stood buildings made of rock, stone, and imported metals. Dustashim had hoped the improvements of the city would lift his spirits, but today, it gave no comfort.

"Your Mighty Grandness of all that Exists in the Universe"

Spoke Kril, Dustashims most loyal and trusted of servants. There were times the tall and skinny peon had invoked Dustashim rage, but through it all, Dustashim could not ask for a better attendant.

"Might I beg for a moment of your time, though I am far from worthy of it?"

Dustashim turned and gave Kril his attention

"I am in a solemn mood today Kril. Speak what you must."

"Countless Apologies My Eternal Lord, but I have recently spoken to our tacticians regarding your army..."

"What of it?"

"May my skin be ripped by blistering sandstorms for what I'm about to say Grandness, but they believe there is not enough diversity in the designs. They are mad to admit it but they feel your designs rely too heavily on ranged combat, and they fear that should anyone dare to strike against your Immortalness, they will exploit a potential weakness."

Dustashim regarded Kril a moment in contemplation. He then turned back towards the view of Grainsville.

"They are suggesting that there should be some frames specialized in grappling?"

"With over a million apologies Grand Star, I have looked over our roster and have noted that only three such designs exist in your army, your own Sand Dragon included."

Dustashim gave a long sigh. He took out a datapad from his robes, imputed a quick design spec and handed it to Kril

ImageDune Shifter
Shifter: d6Rh d6Rh d8Rh Dual Anti-Armor Drills, d6G Sand Plow Armor points, d6G Shoulder Boosters, d8G No Ranged Weaponry

"Make sure the factory has it in production by the end of the week."

Dustashim ordered

"And ensure that the plow points are steady. If we need frames to get close enough to engage in hand to hand combat, they need to be able to cut through the sands as easily as they can cut through a frames armor."

Kril bowed low.

"Immediately He Without Flaws in out Lives."

As Kril departed to obey his orders, The Grand Dustashim's lips slowly turned upright in a smile. Perhaps this distraction was what he needed.


That's it for now, I hope you enjoyed and I eagerly await any and all comments you wish to share.
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Re: SandRippers

Postby Aardvark17 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 3:16 pm

I really liked the fluff this time around, and nice build!
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Re: SandRippers

Postby Artasid » Fri Feb 08, 2019 5:42 am

The central chamber was abuzz of activities. Dancer Girls performed their arts, Musicians played their songs, nearby merchants and deal brokers conversed their wares.
And sitting on his throne of cushions, was The Grand Dustashim.
He scratched anxiously at his well trimmed black beard, waiting for the delegates that he was expecting. For years, he had tried to establish a stronger trade route with other planets, and the delegates on which he waited to arrive were to represent their planet, Bograthos in the nearby Andari star system.
Normally, off-world business negotiations would take place in a more neutral environment, but the Bograthians insisted to see The Grand Dustashims common place of dwellings. Who was he to deny them the glimpse of the power he held?
Frustrated, and his patience no longer strong, The Grand Dustashim yanked on a rope that hung within each reach of him. From above, a loud bell rang. It's gong a powerful tune that could have mimicked Grand Dustashims almost divine voice. Instantly the room went silent, save for the echo of the bell's ring. All eyes were on Dustashim, everyone eagerly anticipated to hear the words from the mouth of their man-made God.

"It is late."

Grand Dustashim spoke. His voice carried like silk across the room, fluttering the hearts of men and women alike.

"The Representatives of Bograthos were to be here."

A tall skinny servant approached the Grand Dustashim with his head bowed low. Too meager were his eyes to gaze upon the brilliance of their Deity.

"Countless upon millions of apologies, He who controls our petty existence."

The man spoke as he prostrated himself before the Grand Dustashim.

"We have sent escorts to bring them. Why they defile your immortal patience is beyond our mortal minds..."

Dustashim then raised his legs, and rested his heels on the back of the bowing servants skull. Strangely, such physical touch of their great one was to be considered an honor most renowned. Though he said no more, the servant was internally weeping in rapturous ecstasy.

"I am displeased with this show of disrespect. I expect-"

The Grand Dustashim's words were shortened as three new arrivals marched side-by-side into the audience chamber. Immediately, they were identified as the tardy representatives, as they were dressed in uniforms completely different than the standard robes of D'Rav. The dancing girls in the center of the chamber slinked into the crowd to provide unblocked passage for their visitors. The one in the center, a short stocky man brought a fist to his breast and bowed. His two companions mimicked the gesture.

"Forgive our tardiness Oh Grand Dustashim. We were not prepared for your greatness."

Dustashim smiled at the compliment.

"Greetings members of Bograthos. Please be known that I dislike to wait. However I have yearned to speak with you and had hoped to further our connections, so I shall forgive this tardiness of yours."

Many onlookers felt jealousy at the visitors to receive such words.

"You have sought me out to establish a contract. It is by your words that we meet here. Begin when you are ready."

"Great Dustashim."

The Bograthians speaker spoke.

"We wish to acquire 55,000 tons of your planet's sand. We are willing to exchange-"


The Grand Dustashim nearly laughed. Others among the court began to chuckle, but made certain theirs was no louder than his.

"You have traveled here, waned my patience with your tardiness, and ask us for SAND?!?"

"We are willing to exchange"

The speaker continued.

"Technology developed on Bograthos that would assist you here on D'Rav."

Dustashim planted his heels slightly harder into the servants skull beneath him. He scratched at his beard again and eyed the Bograthians with his cold blue eyes.

"Such as what?"

One of the attendants to the speaker produced a datapad and offered it. A handmaiden obtained the object, and with her heart fluttering in her chest, approached the Grand Dustashim and presented it to him. The Grand Dustashim glanced at the image.
ImageSwamp Skite Sand
Sand Skite: d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd Several Missile Pods, d6G External Power Source, d6G Hover Pods

"We have developed hover technologies that aide us in traversing the marshlands of our planet."

The Speaker spoke,

"Surely it could assist you in your travels over the sandy landscape. Such frames would reach their destinations much faster than those stuck in the dirt."

Dustashim leaned back into his cushions and gave the man a hard consideration.


Dustashim spoke, his voice baring a tone that would not tolerate disobedience.

"Explain to me WHY you require 55,000 tons of D'Ravi sand. We'll discus this further if I am satisfied with what I hear."

Once again The Grand Dustashim waited, only this time, it was to hear the Speakers reasonings for such an odd resource.

I hope you enjoyed and as always, I eagerly await any and all comments you wish to share.
The Dead may outlast the Living, but those who never Lived outlast them all.
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Re: SandRippers

Postby KungFujiApple » Tue Jun 11, 2019 3:04 am

So I just had to comment on this and say how awesome it is. Absolutely love how your story has grown and become rich with history and Frame designs (as well as starships). This Skite design is pretty cool. Great job :)
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Re: SandRippers

Postby Artasid » Mon Aug 19, 2019 2:31 pm

The Grand Dustashim stood above the groveling man, who prostrated himself on his knees in the burning sand. Standing behind the mortal deity, was his ever faithful servant, Kril, among with several bodyguards. And towering above them still were a pair of frames The Grand Dustashim often employed for demolition purposes. They are here to destroy the home that belonged to the local district distributor Dysic for his drop in silkthread productions.

ImageDustashims Demolishers

"I beg for your mercy Oh Grandest of Stars"

The man wept.

"Though far be it for me to be worthy to ask such a thing."

Dustashim looked up from the datapad and the marketing figures it showed to the man beneath him

"This months production has waned, Dysic. I am not happy when I loose sales."

He said, to which the man explained.

"This is the month for the Silkworks Hibernation. Our farms cannot produce the normal quota. If we disturb the worms now, we would loose them and production would cease all together."

The Grand Dustashim was well aware of the hibernation cycle of the D'Rav's Silkworms, as this has occurred every year around this time. And though he cannot fault the local district distributor for this lose of productions, he nonetheless must show a strong arm of force, lest he loose the fear and respect of those that made him their mortal god.
He consulted the datapad once gain and knew that there would be a spike of increased silkthread about a weeks time after the hibernation period. This was a cycle that nature influenced and Dustashim be damned if he could control the forces of nature. But he could control the amount of motivation for those that work under him.

"I will stay from demolishing your home Dysic. For the time being. I cannot blame you for the actions of Silkworks."

Dysic looked up with tear stained, but hopeful eyes

"Bless you He Without Equal."


Dustashim continued.

"I would STRONGLY urge you, that when normal production resumes, you would harvest a little extra and store under guard for next years hibernation. That should be about a 15% increase in your daily harvest."

"Of course Immortal Sunlight upon us unworthy ones!"

Dysic kissed at Dustashims feet and quickly retreated into his simple home made of sand, brick, and mortar. Dustashim gestured to the frames behind him to stand down and he could easily see the pilot's sour expression that they didn't get to have their fun.

"Motivation is key in business."

Dustashim told his nearby servants.
The Dead may outlast the Living, but those who never Lived outlast them all.
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