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Re: The Darkstar Project

Postby SuspendedAnimation » Mon Apr 23, 2018 2:11 pm

KungFujiApple wrote:Thank you very much Suspended Animation :) Coming from you, I consider that high praise indeed as I find that your work has been terrific.

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Re: The Darkstar Project

Postby KungFujiApple » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:43 am

Continued Backstory:

The anticipated new VTX model, the "Bushi"
(the name meaning samurai in Japanese)
VTX Bushi (on stand)
by KungFujiApple, on Flickr

VTX Bushi ( back )
by KungFujiApple, on Flickr

Breaking News: Darkstar Ignition Technology Now Public!

The long awaited Ignition technology produced by the joint effort of 8-Bit Industries and The Darkstar Project has now gone public. And what better to herald this new development than a frame that relies heavily on this Ignition technology. It's newest guardian frame, the Bushi (as seen above adorned for battle). The Bushi frame is Venmire based in it's cord design, therefore it is not only capable as a battle frame, but can now also become a extremely sturdy work and exploratory frame.

So what is Ignition? Here is the big reveal to the long dark secret:

Certain rare elements in their gaseous state are extracted from a planet. Only certain kinds of rare planets have this process occur. Only one known significant source exists on the planet Venus. Elements found in this state are close to the core of planet making extraction a difficult process. However after extraction, the gas is then refined in a patented process that is a heavily guarded secret. The refined gas (at this state called Ignition) is then contained within a forcefield. After containment, a charge is sent through the forcefield. When charged, the molecules of the refined gas (Ignition) line up and bond together forming a molecular netting. This netting then adheres to the surrounding forcefield. This process is able to strengthen a standard forcefield by several times its original durability. Also because the forcefield does not need to exert as much energy to sustain its durability, forcefields that have Ignition applied to them, reduce their energy consumption by almost 40%. Meaning that a forcefield can be several times stronger while consuming 40% less power.

This technology is not only beneficial for militaristic and defense use, but also in exploration and scientific use. The Union highly favors this development and sees the potential benefits for all within Union domain. However this project and its partner, 8-Bit industries, are keeping this technology guarded closely. It was their wishes that they alone oversee its production, distribution,and regulation, although much to the dismay of the Union council.

Critics, skeptics and rival frame manufactures all have their differing opinions about this new technology, but almost all see the many potential benefits. However, lingering doubts still seem to hang over these bright future prospects, as was reflected in the comments of Calhoun Harper, Vice President of Hyperion Standard Industries:

"It's a remarkable kind of technology, yet such a shame that something as potentially beneficial as this, has to rely on such a rare resource in order for it to be produced. I hope they fully considered this kind of predicament before offering it on the open market."

When questioned about the potential concerns over the sustainability of this technology, spokesman for 8-Bit Industries, simply remarked: "It's a new day. What we choose to do with that day is up to us."

This may be true for all, but what 8-Bit Industries and the Darkstar Project will do with the dawning of their "day" remains yet to be seen.

A line up of the new VTX Bushi next to the VTX Pike:
VTX Pike and VTX Bushi
by KungFujiApple, on Flickr
- I am also on Flickr
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Re: The Darkstar Project

Postby VitorFaria » Wed Jun 13, 2018 7:59 pm

Odd, I missed those on Flickr when first posted, nice to see them here!

I like how you push the samurai theme without making it look gaudy, super clear yet clean!
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