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Postby CmdrRook » Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:14 pm

This steal of a deal is a bit different, and I had my doubts going into it. Having gone and analyzed my haul, I can safely say it was money well spent.

Bulk Smash 2018 was a smallish charity event run by the folks of Southington CT's Bricks and Minifigs store. In most cases their prices are prohibitively high for me, but Bulk Smash was a $30 USD event to fill a beach toy bucket from their immense bulk Lego tables. It took me several hours across multiple days to sort what I got.


The event was three hours long, pre-register only, and they refilled the four main tables at the half way point. Good mix of old and new parts, either unsorted in the main tables, or in tote bins loosely organized by color or element type (tires, large plates, transparent, et cetera.) I feel I got more than my money's worth for terrain and modeling parts, and the only down side is I don't know when the next event will be, or where. You can sign up for an email newsletter, which is how I found out about this one, but they seem infrequent.
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