The Fate of the Small

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The Fate of the Small

Postby Omniscient Frog » Mon Jan 13, 2020 7:15 pm

The Fate of the Small
[footsteps, synthesized breathing]
*Explain to me again, exactly how did this happen?*
“Sir. The enemy attacked suddenly and overwhelmed us with sheer numbers. We were unprepared for--”
*Allow me to rephrase the question. How, Captain Gulliver, with the entirety of 5th Company at your disposal, did you manage to lose our foothold on this planet to a force of mere native hurdy-gurdies?*
“Sir, our forces fought bravely against overwhelming odds. It was a fierce and close battle, but in the end, we simply--”
*I have seen the battle report, Captain, you cannot lie to me. Seven Polytopes wrecked. Four pilots dead. Not a single communications pylon left under our control, and only two losses on the enemy side. And the one frame you did manage to capture, according to our engineers, has a model ID that they say translates to “Muffintop.”
ImageMuffintop Attack by Omniscient Frog, on Flickr
You lost. To frames the size of dinner plates.*
“General, sir... please accept my humblest apologies. I take full responsibility for what happened. I underestimated the enemy, and--”
*I am not looking for excuses, Captain. Though you are correct that you will bear the sole blame for what has transpired. You have failed to act in a manner befitting an Ouroboros captain, and to that end, you are being relieved of duty.*
“I- I understand, sir. Am I dismissed, then?”
*No, there is one more matter that must be taken care of. Tell me, do you know why we are called the Ouroboros Simulacrum?*
“Because we seek to unite the universe as an infinite whole, free from internal and external strife or conflict. Sir.”
*Close. The universal whole of which you speak is merely an imperfect replication of my true goal. A Simulacrum of infinity, if you will. But the Ouroboros… the Ouroboros is real, and it is waiting for us all. […] Can you feel it? The pull of infinity? The knowledge that we are all but insignificant specks among the cosmos, and yet together we have the potential to change everything?*
*Perhaps you don’t understand. No matter. All will be revealed soon enough. Tell me, are you ready to become a part of infinity?*
“I’m… I’m not sure if I foll--”
*Get me Major Salero, tell him to prepare 0th Company for sortie. […] If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself… Have the Pale Reaper prepped as well. Oh, and send a cleaning crew to my quarters. Captain Gulliver has left something of a mess behind him.*
“Right away, Sir.”
*Is it truly the fate of the small to fear that which is larger than they can comprehend? The Ijad, the Solar Union, these extraterrestrial Lilliputians, even my own soldiers. Why can none of them understand? Why am I the only one with the vision to carry out Your will? […] Infinity is such a long time to wait… Will they be ready then, do you think? […] Questions for another day, I suppose. For now, I have other matters to attend to.

So I put way more time and effort into this than I needed to. I had the idea for this a few weeks ago when I started messing around with my Muffintop frame
(This beauty: ImageMuffintop by Omniscient Frog, on Flickr), and it took the form of an audio log detailing a particularly unfortunate encounter with the Ouroboros Simulacrum's enigmatic leader after a less-than-successful encounter with the aforementioned Muffintops. And, of course, because I can never just do things the easy way, I decided to exercise my audio editing skills and actually record that audio log (if you click the link labeled "[AUDIO]" you can hear the final result).

So, let me know what you think of this ridiculously involved passion project! I look forward to whatever thoughts you wish to share.
"There is no such thing as a new idea. It is impossible. We simply take a lot of old ideas and put them into a sort of mental kaleidoscope. We give them a turn and they make new and curious combinations."
- Mark Twain
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Re: The Fate of the Small

Postby KungFujiApple » Fri Feb 21, 2020 5:47 am

Those Muffintops are really cute / cool and evidently pack a punch in numbers. That General is one menacing dude. I am anxious to see if he is the main one driving the mad course or if there is another ominous force behind that.
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