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Re: AI how advanced

Postby Xero010 » Wed Jan 30, 2013 7:40 pm

Foxfire wrote:
gusindor wrote:Here's a thought; drones as 1-shot rockets. How much intelligence does it take to crash into something?

It's called a cruise missile.

Well, keep in mind that some of the first predator drones were designed to be used as suicide bombers once they ran out of hellfire missiles. It would be expensive though, but in an environment where that's not an issue(A certain table top war game) its completely practical, though I prefer funnels cause of how awesome Gundams use them :D

Anyone here read Robopocalypse? Can't wait for the movie.
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Re: AI how advanced

Postby thunderclam » Wed Feb 06, 2013 11:01 am

I think the sense in which using drones and "lighter" combat assets (human controlled tanks, aircraft, etc) works best is if one is trying to "flesh out" an armed forces with multiple tactical approaches to the typical combat theater. So you have a battlefield dominated by frames, which are the best all-around asset. If they are cheap to produce and fix, that means their gear is also fairly cheap and if "ceramite armor" on a frame is cheap, it'll be more cheap on a smaller tank that needs less of it. For a military with shallow pockets, setting up units around smaller numbers of frames, say 1-3 instead of 4-7, makes sense but this is a flavor thing and more about people liking Gundam or Front Mission's multi-vehicle, mecha-based, approach to warfare. It's also about building up more little machines which is super fun obviously.

My own take on this was that it's best to use drones and light armor or aircraft in much larger scale battles than the typical 2+ fireteam skirmishes set out in the MFZ rulebook. This would be an obvious departure from the general arch of the game, which is smaller and faster battles, but might be appropriate for storyline, proof of concept for homerules, or the plain old lulz.

ETA: I'm reading Robopocalypse right now. The movie deal Spielberg made has apparently fallen through, though. Don't know what its status is now.
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