Exterminatus mode

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Exterminatus mode

Postby Mrtyler603 » Wed Sep 23, 2015 11:13 pm

Right off the bat I am stating that I have yet to read the rules of IO, and that this is just the bare minimum of an idea for a new game mode.

The idea basically has two teams the defenders and attackers each protecting one HVA.

Defenders: Their goal is to protect their planet from being blown up, so you need something to represent a planet (can also be a star base or moon base etc. I recommend those star wars mini sets that come with a planet case model thing.) To simulate the orbit of the planet, You have to move it a certain distance every turn or so in a single direction preferably perpendicular to the motion of the attackers. When you reach the edge of the playing field move it to the opposite edge and repeat the process ( this is not necessarily needed, I just think it will add a bit of realizism to the game.) You win when you can destroy the attacker's planet buster HVA, or when you destroy the attacking fleet (can also be like a survive for a certain number of turns victory condition, just agree on one with your opponent before hand.) Orbital defense are allowed to be placed within a certain distance of your HVA or if it's a station of some sorts point defenses are allowed, but they have to follow the orbit of your HVA if you are playing with orbits.

Attackers: your goal is to escort a planet buster to reach within a certain distance of the defender's HVA (maybe base to base or within orbital distance). The planet buster can only have point defense and no long range weapons. The planet buster can only move a short distance per turn and cannot make any ramming attacks.(I was thinking like an inch a turn but adjust to your liking). Planet busters cannot self repair but ca be repaired by any base to bash contact ship that has a repair system. You lose if your planet buster gets destroyed or you do not manage to reach the opponent's HVA within the turn limit if you are playing with a turn limit. For the planet buster, you can have it as a bomb, or a star destroyer type ship or what not. The planet buster can be ranged but then I would suggest a charge time based on the range of the planet buster.

So yeah this just a little something that I thought of while browsing the IO FOURMS and I admit that this would still require a lot of work before it can become a true game mode but I figure i'd put the fundamental idea and see what you guys think of it. Any feedback is welcomed and appreciated.
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Re: Exterminatus mode

Postby CmdrRook » Mon Oct 05, 2015 11:01 am

Destruction of a planet would likely be treated as a war-crime in the Solar Calender, and maybe even more harshly, as a blatant waste of immense resources (1, the resources needed to successfully destroy a planet, 2, the resources the planet possessed now lost to the universe). Outside of the SC setting and more in tune with WH40k, this seems like a pretty feasible scenario focused around two HVAs. It's more reasonable that capturing the Planet Buster to thoroughly halt, re-purpose, or destroy it would be the "defender's" objective, and that it should be incapable of game-centered maneuvers besides moving. Likewise, capturing the air-space around the Planet would ensure the "attackers" have enough time to deploy their weapon of mass destruction uninterrupted. The difference between what I've laid out is that you don't have to play out the actual destruction of a planet or super-ship.

Problems my revision creates:
A green ace would be capable of PUSHING A PLANET. Hilariously fun.
With so few HVAs, play-styles may become limited to a defensive quagmire and a race to count down doomsday. If you don't have a doomsday clock, you are no longer pressured to complete your objective within the confines of external timers, and the struggle becomes to outlast your opponents, the players, instead of their fielded forces. Even 40k has a turn limit, and it still lasts the better part of a work-day.
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Re: Exterminatus mode

Postby VitorFaria » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:56 pm

CmdrRook wrote:A green ace would be capable of PUSHING A PLANET. Hilariously fun.

Great idea for a super robot MF0 mod! :lol:
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