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Frame Football

Postby attackowl » Tue Nov 07, 2017 9:59 am

There are quite a lot of frame sports, figured I'd throw my hat into the ring! I took a lot of inspiration from Blood Bowl for this. This is a work in progress, haven't decided the scale of the Field yet.
Enter the world of Frame Football! Two teams consisting of 7 frames face off against each other in a game of skill and strength.

The Field: The Field is TBD
Frames: Frames are standard fare with RA rules, with a presumed standard of 7p scale (always agree beforehand). A range is always measured from the nearest part of the frame, not the base; base size constraints are to keep the field uncluttered. There is a typical 4-system limit, no more than two per type, excluding White Dice, but unlike weapons in RA, Tackling Systems are 1d6 per system. Each Player brings 7 frames to the Field each. Setting up for the Snap, frames are arranged in typical football fashion, with the center offensive Lineman in possession of the Ball and the Quarterback/Linebacker behind them. The Runningback/Safety is behind the QB/LB and the Receivers/Defensive Ends are 2-3 studs away from the end Linemen on each side. This translates to the Defense, except they do not have the Ball.
The Ball: The Ball is built with 1 ice cream cone handle, 1 minifig head, and 1 fez piece. Try to make them the same color, but you don't have to!

Offense: 3 Linemen, 1 Quarterback, 1 Runningback, 2 Receivers
Defense: 3 Linemen, 1 Linebacker, 1 Safety, 2 Defensive Ends
The Game: At the beginning, each player rolls a White die to represent the Coin Toss. The winner gets to pick whether they should start on Defense or Offense. The Offense then sets up their Frames at their end zone with a Reciever in the center, and all other frames acting as blockers while the Reciever runs the ball up the field. The Defense sets their frames up in a line at midfield. When the Reciever is tackled, play begins as normal. Players then set up their frames closest to where the Reciever was tackled in the manner described in Setup. There are four Downs in a turn. The field line past the opponent's Safety is the 1st down line and lets you reset your Downs. At the beginning of each Down, both players roll a Blue die. This represents the Linemen. If the player on defense rolls a 6, a lineman of their choice breaks through and can tackle the opposing QB, which gives their team possession of the Ball. If the player on offense rolls a 6, this rule does not apply. To get a Touchdown, your frame must: a) have possession of the Ball and b) reach the opponent's end zone. Play to the agreed amount of points.

The Dice and What They Do:
White Dice represent pilot skill and general usefulness of the frames.

Red Melee Dice are "Tackling Systems"; your defenses' best friend. If an Offensive player is in possession of the Ball and one of your frames is within hand-to-hand range, roll this and compare to their Blue Dice Score. If yours is higher, you tackle your opponent, ending the Down. If theirs is higher, you miss them and end up on the ground. You cannot use that frame until the end of the Down.
d6Rh d6Rh
Double Red: Close The Gap/Fumble! You can spend up to your Tacking value to either move from Short Pass range to Tackle range and tackle or tackle a frame so hard you knock the Ball out of their hands. If you choose to Fumble the opponent, both players must roll a Green die. The player with the frame closest to the Ball gets a +1 advantage. If you win, you can run the ball. The same goes for the Opponent if they win.

d6Rd d8Rd
Red Direct Fire Dice are "Passing Systems". A D6 is a Short Pass and a D8 is a Long Pass. Short Pass range is [TBD], and Long Pass range is [TBD]. When you pass, you must declare which Reciever you are passing to before you roll. Long Passes require a Yellow roll as well as a D8 roll.
d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d8Rd
Double Red: Hail Mary; You can spend up to your QB's Passing value to make a Long Pass that does not require a roll on the Reciever's part. However, the defense has a +2 advantage for Sacking.

Blue Dice are "Blocking Systems". With it, you can block passes, and negate tackles, to name two. If you are on defense and one of your frames is within tackle range of a designated Reciever, you can do one of two things: roll a Blue die to block the pass, or roll a Yellow die to Intercept it. Interceptions put you at a -2 disadvantage on all Mobility rolls when running the ball, though you can ignore this if you roll a 6. If you roll a Blue dice, you can block the pass. Remember to compare your roll to your opponent's Yellow roll either way. If you are being tackled, roll a Blue die and compare your score to your opponent's Red dice score.
d6B d6B
Double Blue: Hold the Line; all Blue rolls the Linemen make for the rest of the down automatically succeed.

Green Dice are "Mobility Systems", representing your frame's agility and stamina.
(Special rule: Juking: When running the ball as a Reciever or Runningback, roll a Green die if you are within tackle range of a defender. If you succeed, you occupy the space behind where the defender was and continue on. If you fail you are Tackled.)
d6G d6G
Double Green: Diving Catch
Perform an amazing feat of agility and spend up to your frame's Mobility value to make an extra move and catch a Long Pass. Your frame will not be able to move after catching it and will end your Down. (Note: this only works if you are near the end zone)

Yellow Dice are "Vision Systems", which is your pilots' ability to see past the chaos of the game and "find their frame". Receivers must roll a Yellow die in order to catch the Ball.
d6Y d6Y
Double Yellow: Eagle Eye
Spend up to your frame's Vision value to make all Yellow rolls for that frame succeed for the duration of the Down.

That's all for now. Please tell me your feedback!
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