Character Frame Contest [Announcement]

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Character Frame Contest [Announcement]

Postby Shades_Corvid » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:03 am

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Somehow your favorite character from whatever story has found their way to the universe of MF0, the Solar Calendar which leads to the most important question: What does their frame look like and how is it loaded out?

Do they trick out a standard frame like the Chub, steal a prototype or build one from scratch as they try to find their way home?

Details -
Character Choice Limits: Characters that already have a heavy association with a mecha are a no go (Example: Gundam, and the Power Rangers.). Characters who have had a limited or one shot association with mecha are ok but don’t copy said mecha as we will check. (Example: Batman)

Humanish sized robot characters are fine but perhaps avoid an exact copy of said character in the frame build.

Frame Limits: Submitted frames do not have to complete originals; they can be based on the MF0: RA book, your own original design from the past or one that has been open to the community but the build should be done using styling to reflect the character (aka color scheme, different parts, ect).

Presume the 7p scale and keep frames inside The Box (10 studs wide, 10 studs long and 12 bricks tall)

Do not forgot systems; you don’t need to use all four but most will probably have at least one being used.

Entry: All entries should be submitted to this Character Frame Contest [Submission]. Format and Example Entry will be posted there. Discussion of submitted frames can happen in Character Frame Contest [Discussion] Questions about the contest go here.

They should follow the format given in the Submission thread which will include an example.

Fluff is not required but not discouraged.

Multi-able entries are allowed but each one will be judged on it’s own and only one entry of contestant's submissions can be chosen to win at any one prize level. (aka one person can’t be 1st, 2nd and third because having more than one entry.)

Submission Window: You have from now until April 21st Midnight (USA Eastern) to submit your entry.

I know there are prizes but they are to only help inspire. The real goal is to have fun and see some interesting frames!

Prizes: Prizes will be shipped to where ever and all gift cards should work online. If not than solutions will be found!

1st: LEGO Organizer Cubes and a $10 TRU Gift Card
2nd: $15 Target Gift Coin
3rd: My take on a character frame with a character of your choice.

Judging will be done by Shades_Corvid, Mantisking and zeekhotep which of course are disqualified from entering but love to see ideas posted after.
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Re: Character Frame Contest [Announcement]

Postby Omega_Tahu » Mon Mar 20, 2017 7:10 am

Sounds cool. I'm actually planning to participate in this one, unlike the previous contest.
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Re: Character Frame Contest [Announcement]

Postby VitorFaria » Mon Mar 20, 2017 9:10 am

Really nice to see this go live, already have some ideas on mind!
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