Blade Designs

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Blade Designs

Postby schoon » Wed Nov 11, 2015 9:39 pm

Looking for some ideas for a sexy sword-like close combat weapon.

Let's see what's out there...

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby VitorFaria » Fri Nov 13, 2015 11:31 am

Do you want some fancy buster sword style stuff or some more functional looking gear?
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby CmdrRook » Fri Nov 13, 2015 9:20 pm


Originally started as a concept for a cutlass and eventually mutated into a chainsword. Enjoy a default and weaponized version of the Flannery Frame Forestry Device.

Edit: replaced the telescope with a tap and I like the result better, you be the judge:
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby Mrtyler603 » Sat Nov 14, 2015 6:40 pm

Something that I have seen before is using a 1X* * being how long you want the blade to be, flat piece as the blade and a u clip connected to a light saber hilt as the handle. Sorry but I can not post any photos right now, but I hope you get what I am talking about.
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby Mantisking » Sat Nov 14, 2015 10:01 pm

I've got a couple of bladed weapon designs.

Weapons Array 5, on Flickr.

Weapons Array 6, on Flickr.
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby Soren » Sun Nov 15, 2015 7:07 pm

If you use the u-clip trick, remember that it'll damage the clip if left in there too long. I've had a few (dozen) snap on me.

There's been a profusion of helicopter blades and large minifig gear in the last few years that should be fertile ground, but I'm afraid I haven't kept up with those particular bits and pieces.
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby Luke_BMM » Sun Nov 15, 2015 9:47 pm

Old school physical swords or fancy-shmancy energy / powered ones? Doesn't matter! Got you covered either way.


Like so many other things in life, these start simple and get progressively more ridiculous as it goes on. I really want to get some curved lightsaber handles just for that scimitar, however.
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Re: Blade Designs

Postby Jay Biquadrate » Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:02 pm

I don't have any pics that have only blades in them, but this thread inspired me to post some images of all of my currently built weapons over in the Weapons and Equipment forum.

There's nothing groundbreaking as far as bladed weapons go, for some reason I seem to trend towards war hammers, kanabos/tetsubos, maces and other blunt instruments.
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