Frigates: Crabdragon-class Gunboat

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Frigates: Crabdragon-class Gunboat

Postby Voldeblade » Mon Jan 28, 2019 7:35 pm

Another of the first-generation Chandaran Coalition frigate designs along with the Damselfly-class corvette, the Crabdragon-class was all but identical in loadout, but is historically significant regardless, being the first purpose-built combat ship hailing from that particular section of the frontier rather than a rebuilt civilian vessel. Instead of the relatively complex mass driver cannons of its Damselfly cousins, it mounted a simpler pair of twin assault torpedo racks to make ammunition and repairs easier to acquire/perform outside of Chandaran space. In addition, it was equipped with a set of external dorsal-mounted adjustable blast shields to deflect incoming projectiles and debris away from the bridge set further to the stern. While eventually replaced with modular designs such as the second-generation Meteor class of frigates, the Crabdragon remains a staple of many regional militias and mercenary forces thanks to its simple, robust systems and practical design. However, many of the ships still in service have been modified to varying degrees; these modifications frequently involve removing the blast shields and replacing them with more conventional armored hull plates around the prow, or swapping the torpedo tubes for more advanced weaponry.

Systems: d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd (Assault torpedoes) d6B (Blast shields) d8G (Frigate bonus)
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