Utah games at Hastur's

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Utah games at Hastur's

Postby Pippi Shortstack » Tue Jun 17, 2014 8:49 pm

Hi Utah kids! And anyone else reading this, I suppose...

This Saturday, 2:00 in the afternoon, I'll be demonstrating/playing some Mobile Frame Zero: Rapid Attack.

Maybe exclamation points would be better!!!

This will be going down at Hastur's Games & Comics, on 6831 So. State Street, (Salt Lake City, 84047). We are sort of doing this in conjunction with the Free RPG day activities, but seeing as how it's not an RPG, per se, we're doing it a little afterwards. Um. We're scheduled until 4:00, but have been told we can stay as long as we want.

The lovely folks at Hastur's have said they'd be happy to put a recurring event of such a thing on their calendar, so depending on interest, perhaps we could get a monthly/bi-monthly/weekly thing going? Heck, I dunno! If you live in the salty valley and have been looking for group, you have found group.

There they are, the haps, as fresh as I know how to make them!

End transmission!
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