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Hello there!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 5:51 pm
by Francisco Duarte
Hi, guys!

I'm a long time tabletop game fan and freelance author based on Portugal, and I have been timidly trying out MFZ for a few years already.

Starting last year I've been making Warhammer 40k-inspired frames that really brought my excitement back to the game. I've been fiddling with mini construction and experimenting with the rules a bit.

I hope I could get to share my designs and thoughts with you guys.

Re: Hello there!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 7:20 pm
by Artasid
Welcome to the Hanger Francisco Duarte! Here you will find like minded players that will assist if you ask for it. Have a question, need help with a problem, wish to inspire others? You'll find it here. We are always welcoming new players and builders.
So feel free to explore the forums, get ideas, share your builds and most of all, have FUN
And again, Welcome to the Hanger!

Re: Hello there!

PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2018 9:24 pm
by VitorFaria
I've been watching your stuff on the Facebook group and I can say you're already a great part of our community!

Super happy to see you here as well!

Re: Hello there!

PostPosted: Fri Jun 22, 2018 7:03 am
by Francisco Duarte
Thank you so much for the warm welcome, guys! :)

Re: Hello there!

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 2:36 pm
by Mantisking

Re: Hello there!

PostPosted: Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:10 pm
by KungFujiApple
Sorry for the late reply, but wanted to give you an official welcome. Great to have you aboard, keep it up :)