2p - Battle for Tyro Forest - Incompetent Rocketry

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2p - Battle for Tyro Forest - Incompetent Rocketry

Postby Trokodile174 » Sat Nov 02, 2019 9:36 am

This was a 2-player battle with 5 frames each. Between the two of us, there was only one d8Rr , found on the Super Conscript. The frames in both teams belong to me, and were selected immediately before playing from my collection. No notes have been added to the photos simply because it is easy enough to tell which team is which, since mine was all Beta Skulls.

My PROXIMATION team was comprised of 4 Artasid-style Beta Skull variants and the Alpha Skull. I played as Red.
Beta Skull: d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d8Rd d6B d6B d6W d6W
The Classic's achievements included destroying the Highlander and defending the northwest part of the map. In Round 1 it lost both of its d6B , but its high attack power proved formidable nonetheless, with it taking no other hits throughout the game. End result: 2/6 hits taken
Beta Skull Overgrowth: d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6Y d6W d6W
Perhaps the most unused member of the team, the Overgrowth did little besides scoring a hit or two on the Highlander, although it did capture two stations during the game- one recapture and one enemy. It also took heavy damage, losing all but a single weapon. End result: 4/6 hits taken
Beta Skull Adrenaline: d6Rd d6Rd d6G d6Y d6W d6W
The Adrenaline mostly raced around the southeast part of the map, giving cover fire to the Alpha Skull as it traipsed around. Notably, it destroyed both the Phaze Skirmisher and Vytro, despite the Alpha Skull having dealt more damage to the latter. End result: 3/5 hits taken
Beta Skull Anti-Twank: d6Ra d6Ra d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W (The d6Rd / d6Y was a single system. Each activation could choose which it counted for.)
For much of the game, the Anti-Twank did nothing except hide and score an occasional hit on either the Phaze Skirmisher or the Vytro with its Artillery weapons. Its only notable accomplishment was scoring the first hit on the Super Conscript, surprisingly with its one d6Rd , despite being the last round. End result: Full health
Alpha Skull: d6Rh d6Rh d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6W d6W
The Alpha Skull started off defending the southeast station, but ended up pursuing the Vytro instead. The Alpha Skull was the most effective frame board-wide, and mostly just meleed the Vytro the whole time. However, this offensive defense ended up being quite helpful, despite never moving more than 4 units away from its starting position. End result: 1/5 hits taken

The other team was a Vytro, Highlander, Phaze Skirmisher, Super Conscript, and GD-5 Thunderpod. It started on Defense. They played as Purple.
Vytro: d6Rd d6Rd d6Ra d6Ra d6B d6Y d6W d6W
The Vytro spent much of its time trying to control the southeast part of the field, but never managed to accomplish much thanks to the Alpha Skull that was following it around. When it got down to its core, it managed to get a station capture, only to be shot by the Adrenaline, which recaptured the station in the same round. End result: Dead
Highlander: d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6G d6W d6W
For much of the game, the Highlander managed to occupy both the Beta Skull and the Overgrowth in the northwest part of the map. There were some contested stations and small bits of damage throughout this part, but eventually it was destroyed. End result: Dead
Phaze Skirmisher: d6Rh d6Rh d6Rd d6Rd d6G d6W d6W
The Phaze Skirmisher tried to provide support to the Vytro by damaging the Alpha Skull, but was torn apart by the Adrenaline in a duel before it had a chance. It basically had a suicide run in Round 2. End result: Dead
Super Conscript: d6Ra d6Ra d6B d6Y d6Y d6W d6W d8Rr
For much of the game, the Super Conscript protected the northeast part of the map, and remained undamaged because of its low significance to the game. Of note during this time was its use of its d8Rr in an attempt to hit the Overgrowth, but instead blasted a wall. Later on it attempted to get a last-second capture, crossing into the center as the game ended. End result: 2 of 6 hits taken
Thunderpod (Gold variant): d6Rd d6Rd d6Ra d6Ra d6B d6G d6W d6W
The Thunderpod did not play to its strengths whatsoever. Rather than acting as the long-range support it was designed for, it tried to charge in and capture the northern station, only to be destroyed there by the Beta Skull and the Overgrowth before Round 2 even began. End result: Dead

Starting Position:
Spoiler: show

Spoiler: show


End Observations:
  • The Beta Skull company was pretty hard to destroy, as most had a d6B and were fully equipped.
  • Having an imbalance of d8Rr is not actually all that bad, as I still managed to win.
  • The Alpha Skull makes a pretty reliable H2H tank, despite its lack of Movement dice.
  • Despite being defense, my opponent played too offensively, leaving their stations open while I just defended mine and destroyed their frames.
  • I had a slightly smaller play area than usual, yet more terrain.
  • Terrain was basically unused during the game. I don't think there was a single attack where cover played into it.

Full album for this battle: Battle for Tyro Forest, Part One

All in all, the PROXIMATION Beta Skull company works really well, it's definitely balanced, and resilient like you would not believe. Later on, we did a second game, in which I used the same company while they used the AEILOS Security Force frames, including three characters. I decided that the results of the game would become part of the canon Lore for my frames. Expect the battle report for that to be posted later, mostly because this took an hour to type and I need a bit of a break.
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