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Dog Fight! 2

PostPosted: Sun Nov 18, 2018 3:00 pm
by Vitoria
Managed to arrange a new Dog Fight match, this time with my friend Lourenço. It was time to test some more varied system loadouts!

Lourenço went super creative and even fielded a spotter only unit! He also fielded a Support only unit that ironically dealt a lot of damage at burst range using white dice!

We used the new Space Debris rules suggested by André, and I must say they improved the game a lot, the terrain pieces actually acted as cover a couple of time and we had to take their placement into account for movement more frequently.

I forgot to bring brick built stations, so we used some random X-Wing tokens to represent them.

Lourenço won the match, and deservedly so. He absorbed the new rules really well!

The new movement system had a real time to shine here, many complex decision situations happened. Units not being able to reach attack range was common, which balances out the lesser presence of cover really nicely, making the game feel "just right". I'm really happy with this!

Next match we will start including SSRs and more than two players if possible!


d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W d6G Gunship
d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6W d6W d6G V Wing
d6Y d6Y d6B d6W d6W d6G V Wing
d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra d6W d6W d6G Reseen Extended

d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6B d6W d6W d6G Wader
d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6W d6W d6G Ramshock
d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6W d6W d6G Ramshock
d6Rt d6Rt d6Y d6B d6W d6W d6G Riverguard