06/01/2014: our first June Battle, a Lesson in Timing

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06/01/2014: our first June Battle, a Lesson in Timing

Postby Scrape » Tue Jun 24, 2014 1:51 am

06/01/2014 Played exactly on the first day of June, this is officially our first entry for the Battle for June, but not the first one I've written up. I'm doing them all out of order; crazy business!

A three player game with Pete on Defense, fielding 4 frames and 15 systems. I took the primary attacker role with 5 frames and 20 systems (I like primary attacker, what can I say?), and Davin in the middle with 5 frames and 19 systems. He chose wisely, and this put him at a point advantage. Pete was clearly thinking one of us would go for 4 frames/16 systems as defender, and he would cleverly undercut us by one system. But it didn't work out and he started feeling a little underpowered for the coming threat!


Davin's army (yellow highlights) was mostly artillery and he fielded them at the far edge of the table (left side in the picture), except for one melee frame that he split off and placed way over on the other side. He had a strange plan, as you'll see. My army was mostly melee and they're clustered up in the middle right, with the green/brown color scheme. My army works in pack tactics: rolling Spots and tight formations keep the melee damage flowing. Pete's defending army is the one with blue/purple highlights and a lot of bulky frames, a mix of artillery and melee that work nicely.Pete was feeling outnumbered here, so he deployed his stations right in the middle and abandoned them entirely, backing up and even throwing down a melee frame over on the right side there, next to Davin. Clearly Pete meant to go hard on the first turn, something he does often.

Starting score was Pete 36, Davin 28, Me 21

The turn-by-turn writeups get really lengthy, so let me just summarize what happened this time, as succinctly as I can:
I got destroyed by my fellow attacker and the defender won. :evil:


Alright, now with a little more detail:
Davin and Pete allied early against me, who they perceived as the greatest tactical threat because of my clustered melee frames. Maybe they were right, but this was bad news for me! I tried to convince Davin that, as second place attacker, he should be helping me whittle down Pete's score before attacking me, but it was to no avail! I started getting hit on all sides, so I decided to go after those bait stations in the middle so I'd at least have something to show for all this damage I was taking. I managed to capture the first of the defender's abandoned stations at great cost and my score was still not looking too hot.

"At great cost," indeed: here's my Convict getting blown up by my fellow attacker, on its way to the station. Poor guy hasn't even arrived yet!

Davin was ignoring Pete, who had the highest score, and attacking me instead! Apparently he had a grand plan of destroying me first and thereby neutralizing the largest army, and then coming in for the defender afterwards. I tried to talk him out of it, but to no avail. Pete was using this opportunity fully to his advantage, and just hunkered down for a while, content to let us pound on each other.

Here's Pete's army now, just chillin' behind cover and barely getting hurt while Davin shows me the meaning of pain, offscreen. Don't be fooled by that big 5 Spot on the left, that's me trying to convince Davin to attack Pete but it didn't work.

Then Pete turned right around and destroyed one of Davin's frames while taking a station it was guarding. Pete's score skyrocketed back up to its original level and only then could I convince Davin to stop hitting me and start attacking the Defender.

But it was too late! By the time I convinced Davin to ally with me, Pete had too big of a lead. We tried to tear him down but at this point my forces were badly beaten up and I didn't have the resources to do much. Davin had a solid strategy before the game: he was going to sit back with his artillery/spot frames and mow down both opposing armies, then send in a well-armored melee frame to capture stations as necessary. But his tactics fell short and the whole plan collapsed, which lead to the defender taking the game.

Final Score: Pete 30, Me 18, Davin 16.

The Aftermath and Lessons Learned
There's a reason that one player is called the defender and the others are attackers! Don't start hitting your fellow attackers too hard too soon, give them a chance to at least help you soften up the defender. In retrospect, Davin should have waited a full turn before putting his guns to me. His artillery/spot frames worked like a charm: he planted them far away, behind cover, and used them to devastating effect, dropping Spots and following it up all over the board. However, he pointed them at the wrong targets at the wrong time and it cost us the game. You can picture me shaking my fist at Davin right now, cursing his early attacks on my army! Incidentally, this was Pete's fourth game and first victory. He has since had many more!

Though I talk some smack about Davin here because he cost me the game, his army is super fun: he uses a lot of inventive and original designs, mostly just stuff he has lying around. He's got sort of an aquatic theme for his army and I love his builds!
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