7 March 2020 - First Battle for the Wasteland Outskirts

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7 March 2020 - First Battle for the Wasteland Outskirts

Postby Trokodile174 » Sat Mar 14, 2020 3:53 pm

Trokodile: 4 PPA
Ultra Conscript: d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6Y d6Y d6W d6W d8Rr
ASF-P Actium: d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6Y d6Y d6W d6W
Stalker Mk. VI: d6Rd d6Rd d8Rd d6B d6Y d6W d6W
Silver Knight: d6Rh d6Rh d8Rh d6B d6B d6W d6W d8G
sassy22: 6 PPA
Standard Actium: d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra d6B d6G d6W d6W
ASF-Cgr Actium: d6Rh d6Rh d6Rd d6Rd d6Y d6W d6W
Beta Skull Adrenaline: d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6G d6G d6W d6W
Lieutenant Reynolds: d6Rh d6Rh d6Rd d6Rd d6B d6G d6W d6W

Here's what the field looked like at the beginning of the game:

Round One:
Trokodile 28 points
sassy22 42 points
The game started off with the Actium attacking the ASF-P and hitting it for one damage. ( d6B) The ASF-P charged forward and moved to Point A* while hitting the ASF-Cgr for three damage, ( d6Rh d6Rd d6Y) reducing it to its core, but not before knocking some armor plating ( d6B) off the Silver Knight. The Silver Knight counterattacked, destroying ( d6W d6W) the Cgr, (-6) albeit abandoning its defense of Point E. The Adrenaline moved forward to score another hit ( d6B) on the Silver Knight. The Ultra Conscript fell short of Point C during its charge toward the Adrenaline. The Phaze Skirmisher attacked the Silver Knight once again, bringing it down to critical systems ( d8Rh d6Rh d6W).
End-of-round Shot

Round Two:
Trokodile 28 points
sassy22 36 points
The Conscript began the round by reaching Point C, bringing it under friendly control (+4 -6). Immediately after, the Adrenaline countered by grabbing Point E (-4 +6) and finished off ( d6W) the Silver Knight (-4). However, the Stalker contested the point (-6) and dealt some damage ( d6B d6G d6G) to the Adrenaline as well before losing a system of its own ( d6G) to the Phaze Skirmisher. The ASF-P managed to shoot the guns ( d6Rd) off the Adrenaline while moving in to provide support for its team. The Actium attempted a final 5 hits on the Stalker, albeit missing four times and hitting its cover on the final shot.
End-of-round Shot

Round Three:
Trokodile 24 points
sassy22 30 points
The ASF-P moved closer to Point E while the Adrenaline continued its ill-fated turtling there. The Phaze Skirmisher backed away from the point while the Stalker did the same in regards to the Adrenaline, all the while remaining in proximity to Point E. The Conscript finally destroyed ( d6W d6W) the Adrenaline, (-6) resulting in the Stalker taking control of the point (+4 -6). The Actium warily returned to Point D in order to defend it.
End-of-round Shot

Round Four:
Trokodile 28 points
sassy22 18 points
The Conscript continued by hitting the Skirmisher for three, knocking off everything ( d6Rh d6B d6G) except the Direct Fire weapon, only for it to be lost ( d6Rd) to a blast from the Stalker. The Actium took Point B (-4 +6) while removing the shield ( d6B) from the Conscript. The ASF-P Actium then tied the game by finishing off the Phaze Skirmisher (-6), ending the round 24 to 24.
End-of-round Shot

Trokodile 24
sassy22 24

Full battle gallery

*Points labeled from leftmost to rightmost positioning in the overall field shots.
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