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PostPosted: Sat Mar 09, 2019 11:48 am
by Hackjob
Gone cold...

He had heard about this. Been trained on it, he knew it could happen. It could happen to anyone...




The stars spun lazily, almost imperceptably. Plenty of time to think.

About what? Those damn techs?!? Nah... Wasn't really their fault anyhow. They had worked their hutchin' tails off, re-arming and repairing his battered squadron -the Moosehounds- in amazing time. But there was another heavily damaged squadron inbound, the Moosehounds had to scramble STAT!

So what if they were a little short on fuel..?

"DAMN! DAMN! DAMN!" He screamed, pounding the inside of his cockpit in frustration. Of course no one could hear him, the vacuum doesn't transmit sound, and the Moosehounds were observing radio silence to avoid unwanted attention. That was the weirdest thing about zero-g battles. Not the weightlessness, the silence. Battles in atmosphere were cacophonous ordeals filled with the howl of artillery rounds, explosions so loud you could FEEL them, and the screech of metal torn asunder as frames took damage. Space battles were quiet, almost peaceful. You could only hear your outgoing fire, even a near miss from a beerkeg sized piece of anti-ship ordinance was completely silent. Of course, god forbid, when you were hit you could sure hear that! But watching a frame get shredded by fire was eerily silent. You couldn't see the rounds hit them, they just sorta fell apart in front of your eyes. That reminded him, time to check in with the squadron. "Moosehounds, status report."

"Ragdoll here -all lights show green."
"This is Husky -systems nominal."
"Chase here -down to whites but hangin in." Chase's frame was heavily damaged and you could see much of the exposed white superstructure.
"Oakley -status report!"
"Who cares? We're all vac trash now." She sounded sullen, totally unlike her. Oakley was the squadron ace, a deadeye shot who took her callsign from a heroine of Earth's distant past. She had nerves of steel but hadn't been the same since her sister Rocky (an ace frame jockey in her own right) had gone MIA when her carrier was captured by the S.U.
"Dammit Oakley! Give me your status report now!" He couldn't afford to be soft on her, not in this situation.
"Well, Bull, I'm just hutchin' peachy! Lesse - my primary weapon is disabled, along with my missing right arm. My sensors are down. I'm leaking muscle fluid, my armor is wasted. I'm down to Bingo minus ten fuel. And... I'm ADRIFT IN HUTCHING SPACE! That good enough for ya chief?"
"Check the attitude Oakley, or when we get back-"
"When?!? Don't you mean IF? And, assuming we are lucky enough to get rescued, it could be by THE WRONG TEAM! Aren't we fighting the S.U. and those mind-wiping brain slugs at the same time?" Her voice was taking a hysterical edge, he had to calm her down quickly.
"Can it soldier! Or so help me I'll blow your antenna clean off myself just so I don't have to listen to you gripe any more!"
"Well I-"
"Sorry, sir." She mumbled. Phew, crisis averted. For now at least. He needed to keep order or they were all good as dead.
"Listen up people, we need to stay cool. I know this makes us all feel like hutch-bunnies, but if we keep our heads and stick to the books, we have a good chance of sleeping in our bunks tonight."
"Home sweet stink." Chase chimed in. That brought a round of chuckles over the com. It was true that the pilots quarters in their converted freighter were pretty ripe. But even the stale smell of a dozen people in close quarters would be welcome now.
"Okay team, that's enough for now. We will have regular system check every hour. Sign off and maintain silence, conserve energy, you know the drill. Bullwinkle out." But it wasn't a drill. Not this time.

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PostPosted: Mon Mar 11, 2019 10:34 am
by Mantisking
I really like this.

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 12, 2019 5:28 pm
by Francisco Duarte
This was really good. Good description, vivid dialogue. Just peachy!

More, please. ;P

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 16, 2019 8:51 am
by Hackjob
Thanks guys! I don't do very much writing. I was inspired to put this down when the :IO rules were released and I finally fleshed it out. If I have any more ideas I'll def share em witcha.