It Came From Outpost 31...

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It Came From Outpost 31...

Postby Plexus » Sat Mar 24, 2018 2:14 am

It all started with a routine patrol mission...

Three Frames went out. Only one came back...

At least, that's the most that we can tell...

We poured over audio transcripts, witness accounts, video footage...but nothing like what we saw first hand.

Survivor accounts described SU-R1 "Moxie" returning early from a patrol mission, missing it's two partners. The sun was sitting on the horizon, distant communication towers still visible. Moxie was lumbering forward, apparently damaged or worse. Base operators tried to contact Moxie, but they got no reply. Something was wrong, and they knew it. The outpost was put on alert and base operators continued their attempts to contact Moxie. But the reply they got...we all heard the recordings...a horrid, gutteral gurgling... The outpost personnel thought that the pilot might have been injured, but when the spotlights came on and shown down on Moxie...

I've seen the security footage...and I still don't believe it. Some...THING had attached itself to the frames back. Green, glowing, vine like tendrils were squirming and writhing their way around and through the exoskeleton. Moxie was badly damaged, showing signs of more than just a firefight, it was torn apart, missing it's left forearm and even its head! But something else was growing in its place...some sort of...eye. More growths were showing through Moxie's cracked armor. It was lurching its way forward in a jerking, twisting manner... I was shocked when I saw it on security footage, I could only imagine what those poor souls at outpost 31 were feeling...

Almost suddenly, Moxie raised its arm, still carrying its rifle, and began firing at the outposts gates. Stationed troopers fired back, but...there was some sort of ear splitting screech, and all contact with the outpost was lost. All audio transcripts ended there. All video footage was corrupted. We had to see it for ourselves...

It took us several days to reach the outpost, but there was nothing left. Everything was torn apart, smashed. What personnel we could find were mutilated...others..missing. And not just personnel, but base equipment as well, even a few frames were missing. We assumed frightened pilots took them and ran, but...I'm doubtful.

I still remember the worst part... The base operator, still wearing his headset, his body-... He had entered something into his terminal, I'm not sure if he did it before or after what was done to him, but it was the last message we could find entered into the base computers before the blackout...

"The Phage is coming"...

-Debriefing statement made by Lt. Theo Braxton

ImageThe Phage Is Coming... by Kegan Garrett, on Flickr
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Re: It Came From Outpost 31...

Postby spacemonkey » Sat Mar 24, 2018 9:01 pm

Nice fiction, Plexus; short and swe- horrifying.
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Re: It Came From Outpost 31...

Postby tdwsaturn » Mon Mar 26, 2018 10:57 pm

Creeeeeepy! Freaking love it!
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Re: It Came From Outpost 31...

Postby KungFujiApple » Mon Apr 23, 2018 12:14 pm

Great little piece of storyline for this universe :)
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