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War thunder air/ground tactics

PostPosted: Wed Jan 21, 2015 12:07 am
by Sovietshadow
So I (kinda) just started playing Warthunder, and I wanted to create a small page to discuss/share tactics. Before war thunder, i mostly played world of tanks, so i pretty much have that part down. But i might need some help with planes. Not how to fly them (major ace combat 04 fan, before they started doing everything for you), but for pvp dogfights. Now to share: for missions (or at least low tier ones) i find that ground strike missions are usually won when i do one simple thing: ignore the air. "Stupidity!" Some say when i tell thwm to do it, but it works. At the beginning of each battle i hop into my fastest plane and go straight for the ground. Unless the enemy gets lucky and takes out your pilot, you can make it all the way to the enemy ground forces and take out a metric butt-ton of them in one go. Just today, In a simple yak-1, with all my enemies a tier higher than me, i flew striaght down one side of the map and made pass after pass against armored cars, arty, and triple A. I got 17 (17!) Kills before they finally managed to shoot me down. I then hopped into an i-16 and repeated the process. By the end of the battle i had 22 ground kills and 3 air kills (so i went for the air a little bit, but when a PBY is right in front of you and you have rockets, he's really asking for it :D ) i made over 16k creds in one battle. In a game that low tier, without using a bomber, that number is astounding, and game after game i use that tactic, and we usually win. And i didnt even have support. Imagine if you got together with a few frienda, and all of you do it! The enmy wont have time to kill one ground target before you win! I know ive gone on for a while for this one subject, but i just want to hammer in how important it is. Any other cool tricks and tips?

Re: War thunder air/ground tactics

PostPosted: Thu Jan 22, 2015 11:19 pm
by Sovietshadow
And as for tanks, i know the best: the first german panzer 2 you get in the game. Despite its weak armor and small gun, it is actually the deadliest tank of its tier. For every shot your oppenent fires, you have ten, and whike they may be weaker, that really doesnt matter as much. In a game like world of tanks, with a health system, bigger is better, but when you are trying to taje out as many modules as you can, the 20mm auto can wreak havoc. When facing an enemy's side, aim for the weaker parts at the back to take out the engine and fuel. At least one shot is likely to hit something important. When at an enemy's front, aimfor the turret ring. Its the weakest part, and you're likely to take out the gunner, loader, commander, ammo,or all of them (you do have ten rounds). Once in an open field i suddenly found myself staring down the barrel's of four charging tanks. I sighted on the first two's turret rings and destroyed them before they knew i was there. The other two fired, but with only one round each, they just couldnt keep up. Another magazine later and they were down... it could help that they only played war thunder (a primarily plane based game), whereas i had experience playing world of tanks... still, it was fun, and if you try the same thing you'll rake in credits in no time.