Beta Skull Anti-Twank: Back by popular demand!

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Beta Skull Anti-Twank: Back by popular demand!

Postby Trokodile » Fri Nov 01, 2019 8:14 am

Back by popular demand, although this time without the Lore, it's the Beta Skull Anti-Twank variant! Sadly, the original Lore is permanently gone... I didn't copy it over anywhere else before its deletion.
The story goes like this if you don't already know:
1. I asked about what "I stand with Twankus" means.
2. VitorFaria pointed out the Twanks thread, which I read a bit of.
3. I felt the urge to build a Twank out of a Beta Skull, and built one.
4. After doing so I attempted to work Twanks LLC (property of Atavism) into my universe by having PROXIMATION challenge them.
5. Upon seeing Atavism's response, I realized I definitely should have read more than five pages, as there was so much I missed in the thread.
6. I decided to take it down and maybe repost later. (Original thread here: Oops)
7. People wanted me to put the BSAT back, so now that I have time, I am doing so.

d6Ra d6Ra Long-Range "Obliterator" Anti-Twank Cannon
d6Rd / d6Y Rapid-fire Target-Tracking Minigun Turrets and Yates-brand Scanner
d6B Beta Skull Arm-Mounted Heavy Defense Pods

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Re: Beta Skull Anti-Twank: Back by popular demand!

Postby Vitoria » Sat Nov 02, 2019 5:52 pm

Great to have it documented again!
VitorFaria (she/her)
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Re: Beta Skull Anti-Twank: Back by popular demand!

Postby Atavism » Sat Nov 02, 2019 6:21 pm

Twanks LLC. Department of Public Relations, Litigation, and Conflict Termination, Desk of Col. Joy-In-Sorrow Freeman Twankus, Esq. wrote:
It has come to the attention of the illustrious Twankus family, by way of one concerned child-citizen (of whom there are many), that your company has decided to impose upon the trademarks, patents, and good name of Twanks LLC. You are being summarily ordered to cease and desist from such behavior on the following grounds.
1. Dishonesty harming the value of brand and trademarks. Although you claim to have improved on the obliterator cannon, your device lacks the footprint to possibly be even an illegal modified version of our flagship ordinance. Using the name in association confuses would-be purchasers and devalues our own branding.
1a. Furthermore, your description of the obliterator cannon as a "sniper rifle" serves to confuse would-be purchasers to the nature and purpose of the obliterator cannon line. Although Twanks LLC. has routinely sought to provide long range fire support options to our clients. The Obliterator cannon is certainly not such a device.
2. Libel regarding our brand and trademarks. Your assertion that Twanks LLC. has failed to modify or improve on the obliterator cannon is erroneous. Twanks LLC. has always worked to improve our designs and provide unique solutions to our customers needs.
3. Theft of patented technologies. Your "new product" is clearly a derivative work of previous Twanks LLC. properties. Any and all monies made from the sale of this device will be remitted to Twanks LLC. immediately.

Finally, because Twanks LLC. prides itself as the premier provider of Mobile Frame solutions, we have taken it upon ourselves to expeditiously offer several new ordinance packages, not only to prove we can, but to murder you and everyone you love and everything else on your nasty dusthole of a planet. Woe having ever crossed us, scum.

Cordially yours,
JSF Twankus, Esq, Col.

(just gonna put this back where it belongs, too)
Twanks LLC - "Always Forward!"
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Re: Beta Skull Anti-Twank: Back by popular demand!

Postby FourEyesIsAFish » Mon Nov 11, 2019 9:58 am

Atavism wrote:[quote=Conflict Termination]

Lol that cracks me up
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