Heretech JB-009 "Merc"

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Heretech JB-009 "Merc"

Postby NinjaLegendDoom » Tue Oct 10, 2017 4:42 pm

Heretech proudly presents the newest Frame, perfect for Mercenaries!

ImageHeretech JB-009 "Merc" by NinjaLegendDoom

The JB-009 nicknamed the "Merc" was created to assist our operators in the field against faster threats (We're looking at you Ninja-Tech!).

ImageHeretech JB-009 "Merc" by NinjaLegendDoom

A heavily armored chasis has been tested against the strongest metals and has come away scratch free!

ImageHeretech JB-009 "Merc" by NinjaLegendDoom

Satisfied costumers* have been especially impressed with the standard issue sensor array built into the legs. It's early warning system allowing them to speed up their reaction times by 30%!

ImageHeretech JB-009 "Merc" by NinjaLegendDoom

You will never regret choosing Heretech. We make Corporate Espionage easy and fun!

*Definitely not a paid employee of Heretech


The original intention of the Merc was to create a C6 frame due to having an abundance of Headlight 1x1s. After building the legs, I lost inspiration (and had a pair of legs just hanging around my build area for a few days). The torso came about as I thought of Gundam Zeon mooks. Hence the one eye head design.

As always, C&C are welcome!
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