Desert Warrior Company 'Green Skins'

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Desert Warrior Company 'Green Skins'

Postby Artasid » Sat Apr 29, 2017 9:03 pm

Back in Feburary of this year, HighDesertBrikr (AKA Nerf & Lego Fun) posted a youtube of a frame he built and how to construct it called the Desert Warrior

Here's the YouTube Link

Using his frames design (with a few substitute pieces) I bricked a full 5 man company that, for the time being, I am calling the Green Skins.

Again, the original design of this frame is not my creation, but it needed to be shared because of how simple and easy it is to construct.

ImageDesert Warrior Company 'Green Skins'

ImageGreen Skin Artillerist
Artillerist: d6Ra d6Ra d8Ra Dual Mortar Cannons, d6Y d6Y Dual Comm Relays

ImageGreen Skin Soldiers
Soldiers: d6Rd d6Rd Combat Pistol, d6B Arm Deflector Shield, d6Y Comm Relay, d6G Rear Engine Coils

ImageGreen Skin Tower
Tower: d6Rd d6Rd Top Cannon, d6B d6B Dual Arm Deflector Shields, d6G Rear Engine Coils

This company is not fully ready for games yet because I still have to make Stations and SSR's for these guys, but I'm in the process of doing so.

Also, Nerf & Lego Fun has posted several video tutorials on how to build several of his frame designs and ships for I.O. I strongly recommend giving them a look. ;)

Hope you enjoyed and as always I eagerly await any and all comments you wish to share.
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