CK-01 Hephaestus Labour Frame [updated]

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CK-01 Hephaestus Labour Frame [updated]

Postby Cake » Wed Aug 06, 2014 4:03 pm

Proudly Presenting the CK-01 HEPHAESTUS Labour Frame:

ImageCK-01 Hephaestus - Front by thamilus, on Flickr
The pilot has a high, centrally located driving position to provide an impressive field of view forwards, and downwards, allowing safe operation of the Frame on cluttered construction sites and around ground crews.
ImageCK-01 Hephaestus - Rear by thamilus, on Flickr
The arms and legs are equipped with the latest in Muscle Cylinder technology developed specially by our own R&D department, allowing the Hephaestus to lift and carry and unprecedented load compared to similar Frames on the market.

The arms each have 2 modular mounting points to allow the Frame to carry both the required equipment for the job, and any extra materials that may be needed. There are also two mounts above the shoulders on the rear, and a further mounting point for engine upgrades on the back

The feet have been carefully constructed to maximise weight distribution enabling the Hephaestus to perform it's role on soft terrain like sand.

All this is rolled into a package no larger than a standard Chub pattern Frame:
ImageCK-01 Hephaestus - Scale by thamilus, on Flickr

Contact your local CK Industries representative today to find out more about the CK-01 Hephaestus Labour Frame and it's upgrades

It's also really good as a Combat Frame...
ImageCK-01 Hephaestus - Cannon by thamilus, on Flickr

Got everything to complete my Hephaestus, and finally got round to taking better pictures last night. I'll probably do another post with the equipment soon.

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Decided to post some WIP shots of my Construction Frame. I'm currently waiting on some orange 1*2 plates for the front (you can see the gap where the plate is supposed to go in the breakdown view).
I haven't got a proper name for it yet, though the LDD file is labeled as Absol (as in Absolute Final Version - it went through many, many revisions). I'm thinking possibly Brute, or something similar (Brutus). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Pictures (over exposed, slightly blurry shots, apologies. I'll sort better ones out when I finally get the missing pieces (along with some 1*2 black plates for a set of Direct Range weapons).

I have 8 (9 if I include my better halfs) Frames, with a mix of weaponry and additional systems, as well as 3 stations and a number of flags - I'll get them all shot properly (decent lighting, not as blurry, etc), I promise!

Standing on one leg
Now the test pilot's just showing off
And again, though this demonstrates the Frame's lift capabilities
Finally, a breakdown of the major components
Rooftop Racing Rules (Version 0.5.0) Version 0.5.1 coming soon, with some tweaks and bits that I missed in 0.5.0.

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