B-021 Issus Mk. II DX

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B-021 Issus Mk. II DX

Postby Blorf » Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:42 pm

The B-021 Issus Mk. II DX model leaves off the gravitational reducers and instead has a further upgraded power plant/booster system. It includes stronger defensive armor especially in the arms, where additional hardpoints have been made available over the earlier B-008 model. The result is better mobility and stronger armor than the SX, but at a much higher fuel consumption rate. The DX also features a military software package which contains targeting capabilities, communications security, and a tuned ECU.

Image Image Image

Loaded out with heavy plasma rifle, semi-active radar, and factory-standard reactive armor. The heavy plasma rifle creates a significant energy drain on the power plant, which disables the booster while equipped.
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My 6-y/o calls this one "large gun" as it's pretty consistently been carrying that huge rifle since I built it, and always wants to field it. I simply had to improve its stability, a goal which compared to its predecessor the B-008, was achieved well. You can see easily from the backside photo that I double-clipped to the claws, providing a really solid joint there. I doubled-up with a clip and lamp holder on the arm joints too. There's an underside arm clip on the left for an SSR. It's way bulkier than the earlier model all around and feels like it can take a beating without missing a beat.
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