B-021 Issus Mk. II SX

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B-021 Issus Mk. II SX

Postby Blorf » Thu Jun 19, 2014 12:20 pm

After initial demand for the B-008/B-009 spiked and then declined, a survey indicated strong enthusiasm for the frame's capabilities but some issues were preventing its continued adoption. The survey found two main uses of the Issus design: construction and military. Both groups expressed that the unit was difficult to pilot and felt off-balance compared to other designs. The military groups in particular expressed great affinity for its carry capacity without sacrificing maneuverability, but a lack of usable hardpoints meant some important equipment could not be loaded. The B-021 Issus Mk. II is a direct response to these concerns. Increasing size and stability added weight, so the power plant and booster were upgraded accordingly. An SX and DX model were conceived to cater to each audience. Here, the SX model comes standard with hazard lighting and gravity reducers to improve its total fuel consumption.

Image Image

Here, the versatile machine has been loaded out with a range of systems that compliment its built-in mobility.
d6W d6W d6G d6B d6Y d6Rd d6Rd

I love fielding this design now with its upgraded stability and more aggressive stance. Whoops, I spy a 1x2 tile about to fall off!
Previous design version is here.
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